Personal Stories

8-12 November 2017

DA-ME has selected four artists at Sieraad International Art Fair in Amsterdam.

Sieraad is an important showcase of one of a kind contemporary jewelery and collects annually about 190 designers

Set up at the charming location Westergasfabriek, former gasometer of the beginning of the twentieth century, the Dutch fair is an unmissable appointment for designers, collectors, curators, art galleries, art jewellery lovers as well as jewellery experts.

From 9 to 12 November 2017

Laura Contri

Vitti Ferria Contin

Elena Martinelli

Laura Volpi

protagonists of the exhibition

“Personal Stories”

Four different artists in comparison, each will show their own world, their own language, their artistic and creative universe. Strong is the desire of each one to go beyond the boundaries of their own nation and get acquainted with the foreign public to discover new markets. Everyone will write a story by leaving valuable traces on the body, the female one.

Laura Contri is a jewellery brand founded in 2007. Her fine jewelry is a mix and match of precious materials and elements taken from the sea, her main source of inspiration, such as pearls, sand with added rust. Jewelery is entirely handmade in Ancona, where she lives and works. The brand is already distributed in over 40 retails.

Vitti Ferria Contin is an Italian jewels brand founded in 2006, sophisticated design and geometric shapes with a strong impact is the stylistic DNA. Harmony in nature-inspired composition, material research and elegance are the stylistic figure of Vitti Ferria Contin. Her atelier is based in Milan and has active collaborations with many selected boutiques and shops around the world.

Elena Martinelli is a young designer graduate in industrial design in Genoa. Her creations are unique crafts pieces, the result of great technical research. A different mix of styles, embellished with textures inspired by the natural world and with suggestions from what she lives daily, designed for the contemporary woman who loves to stand out.

Laura Volpi closes this jewellery section. The artist based in Milan, she’s graduated in fine art at the Accademia di Brera and worked at the Davide de Paoli atelier and with Arnaldo Pomodoro. Her jewels are sculptures to wear, the result of a long craftsmanship. Selected last September at the Bijorhca fair, she presented new creations for the first time: “Duetto”, “Triade” and “La Bella e la Bestia”.

This artistic selection is refined and strong, from my point of view well represents the contemporary female evolution as well as the made in Italy great beauty.