Our story

My adventure / story started two years ago, during a very pleasant evening with friends over pizza.

I had just returned to Luxembourg after a long stay in Asia.
A stay which had gifted me with two wonderful children and precious time to devote to my passions.
In Singapore, I spent days browsing through museums and antique shops. I was fascinated by the world of art, culture and traditions which were different to mine.
The more I studied it, the more I observed and got even curioser. And just as their world made me curious, so did mine make them curious.

Everytime I wore something which was clearly made in Italy, I was always complimented on this by many people. Maybe that’s when my story really began.

Back in Luxembourg with a pizza, in the middle of a conversation with on going back to work, my friend asked everyone around the table: “What is your secret dream which you’d love to make come true?”
I felt something inside, a push to open my mouth and say that I wanted my very own space, physical and virtual, where I could meet artists and designers and create with them my community of artists.

Today, two years later, one step after another, I feel happy to have set up my little corner, da-me, in Italian “at my house,| my way, where I can introduce artists and designers I meet and select. I love the fact that they are the expression the real “made in Italy”, which is made out of small businesses, frequently handmade, small workshops by artists, designers and craftsmen, where you can still find creativity and attention to detail.

Tradition, Design and Research are the selection criteria I use, even though its also the personal element, coming to know a person, understanding his/her story and what he/she want to express which pushes me to create a collaboration with them rather than not. Therefore, in small numbers for now, but with a close sense of collaboration which allows me to write about what i really think of them.

Claudia Marotto

Claudia Marotto, a graduate and specialised in business administration, after years of experience in the finance departement of multinational companies, decides in 2014 to create DA-ME. A physical and virtual space where she selects and promotes talented Italian artists, designers and craftsmen who create unique contemporary jewellery and accessories of unconventional beauty.

DA-ME proposes to promote both established and emerging artists and designers with two annual exhibitons and small dedicated events. As of December 2016 it will also be possible to buy her selection online from her website www.da-megallery.com.