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Laura Contri

Artist & Designer

Laura Contri is an artist and a designer, she has developed her own creative methods as the result of study and work in the graphic, jewelry, theatre and school.

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The underlying theme of her creations are the nature and harmony between shapes and materials. Nature is the inspiration and source of different materials she use. The armony between materials and shapes is her distinctive approach, a key of her works. Her jewellery is divided in two collection.

The line “sea matter” is dedicated to the extraordinary beauty of the work that turns the sea over matter. These jewels embrace the materials that the sea makes it unique, sand, rust and other wood pieces left from the weaves on the beach, materials that come back to a new life enhanced by perfect gloss of pearls , from silver and sometimes gold. Each jewel is carefully handmade, signed and numbered by the artist to bring out the uniqueness. No object will never be equal to the others

The “pearls” is dedicated to simple and harmonious beauty of this matter always supported by silver or gold, characterized by a search for contemporary design.

Laura Volpi


When you see a jewel of Laura Volpi your feeling is right being faced with a true artist.

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With a bachelor degree of fine arts at Brera Accademy in Milano, Laura Volpi follows the passion of sculpture by attending first specialized courses at the London Slade school of Fine Art and later working in atelier of Davide de Paoli and Arnaldo Pomodoro. Thanks to this training Laura manages to draw up a precise style that in ‘” sculpt the matter” is her hallmark. Her Jewellery come with a tangible attitude to art, design and craft, a wearable sculpture.

In 1993, Laura opened his own workshop where she devoted herself to the study and elaboration of his paintings, reliefs and sculptures in a personal key, based on the transformation of his emotions and feelings on the subject. From these studies and from these experiments, conducted for years, Laura Volpi come to define a new way of understanding the jewels and, motivated by the success of sales and acclaim of his exhibitions, opens in Salerno in 2000 Archè, not only a creative workshop and a showroom, but also a cultural centre of reference for the entire city, multimedia exhibitions which enrich the artistic development of the town. The basic idea that connotes the jewels and creations of Laura Volpi consists in thinking that a jewel is a sculpture to wear and that, as such, should be and stop in the field the impression of a moment, a very specific mood and emotion. Nature and memories are the inspiring concepts.

Every jewel is made through a long hand-crafted production, it is the result of a technique of wax casting, and is hand polished with brushes that bring back the natural beauty of the object. Metal maintains through this procedure (without galvanic plating) its natural colour in time, and to take care of it , should just occasionally rub it with a cloth for polishing jewellery.

Eandare by Lucilla Giovanninetti

Artist & Designer

It is often said the eyes speak a lot about the person. Lucilla’s eyes are bright, two sparks indicating the multitude of activities and energy that Lucilla has in abundance.

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A multitude of activities that make difficult to put her in only one category. Lucilla has worked on fashion (Designer clothing and accessories), teaching (9 years at the IED – European Institute of Design in Milan) and now she is creator of contemporary jewellery.

She creates a wide range of jewelry pieces in silver, brass, bronze and fabrics, combining different matter, shapes and textures.

The focus of his creations are on tactile and visual impact. Each piece identifies precise emotion to be transmitted. A soft surface rather than rough, or an iridescent colour instead of monochrome bring to mind very specific feelings, identifying a specific choice of our preferences and our character. Each pieces realized, can be similar, but never identical and each piece is unique and non-repeatable.

Sculpture-like jewels, made using the “lost wax” technique, in which the working of brass, bronze or silver is highlighted by the “unfinished” effect, by the contrast between a shiny and a matt finish. The metal is often worked with fabrics, thread and resin.

Marco Malasomma

Artist & Designer

Two steps from the famous Caserta Royal Palace, right in the narrow cobbled street heading to the gardens of the Palace, there is a little studio-boutique from sober and refined design.

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It is a meeting place for connoisseurs of the jewel, a small museum of creations of indisputable beauty and originality. Here you could meet Marco Malasomma, discreet and introvert goldsmith-artist.
Grew up in the family jewelry business, Marco Malasomma first expanded his knowledge as goldsmith at the historic Borgo Orefici in Naples and later expanded his research to contemporary design. He has immersed himself in a constant research, study and experimentation of new forms, combining excellent technical manual ability. We are amazed about his ability to treat metals as play-dough, now they are solid surfaces, then sheets of paper, in some cases clouds of steam, other cotton threads. Each detail is carried out with the greatest care and attention, from the preparation of alloys, to metal casting, textures till the finishes. He prefer essential forms and lines; the geometric design is a distinctive sign of his works.

Maria Diana

Artist & Designer

A small curtain separates the world of Rome, with its crowded streets and parked cars by world of Mary Diana.

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A small atelier held tightly in order where the designer draws and manufactures her pieces. Powders and alternate colours on the shelves between photos and drawings of her productions. Outside the sounds of car horns and children playing in the street, inside a world of ceramics and objects d’art. This is the Laboratory of the jewelry designer Maria Diana.

The MAD in New York by selecting her for LOOT 2016 provides a precise description, which I faithfully report:” Italian jeweler Maria Diana aims to innovate without neglecting style. Diana learned her early ceramic processing techniques and design aesthetic from contemporary artist Maria Lai. After receiving a degree in architecture from Turin Polytechnic University, Diana started research on contemporary jewels and learned how to work grès stoneware, porcelain and metal. As she explores new frontiers in expression, Diana provides a modern interpretation of classic feminine jewelry by using unconventional materials. Her bracelets and necklaces are made of porcelain beads with inserts in gold and platinum.  Every piece brings together style, research, tradition and innovation”. Her jewels have been shown on museum and international stores as the Victoria and Albert museum (London), La Pedrera (Barcellona), Mitsukoshi (Tokyo).

Maria La Rosa

Artist & Designer


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Overlooking the courtyard of an old building in the center of Milan, and “protected” by various types of potted plants, you could find the studio Maria La Rosa behind a glass door, hiding a little old world, so refined as surprising, absolutely glamorous, made of fashion accessories and household items, all hand-woven. Sold in the most elegant boutique European, Japanese and, in the US at Barneys.

It’s the story of a designer who has learned the pleasure, and the technique of weaving experiencing the infinite potential, and possibility, of this secular art, ever since she was a child: “disassembling and reassembling,” as he says, ” old sweaters”. All textiles made by Maria La Rosa are the result of a strictly manual process performed on antique looms that are completely void of mechanically moving parts. Her predilection is for carefully selected natural fibres such as cotton, rafia, linen, silk, chenille, cashmere and alpaca. She creates unique handcrafted bags, shawls, hats, socks, selected clothing and jewelry.
The production is entirely made in Italy, the quantity is limited and each component is worked by hand.

Elena Camila Bertellotti

Artist & Designer

Elena Camila Bertellotti is an artist who comes from the tradition Florentine goldsmith, known for being able to reinterpret the classic canons to arrive at the realization of jewelry by the creative style and recognizable design.

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Study of forms, traditional goldsmith techniques and use of natural materials are the three foundations of the handmade jewelry Elena Camilla Bertellotti. Once designed, the original model is made in metal, for construction of plate and wire or wax, as taught by the goldsmith techniques. Bronze, silver, aluminium, semi-precious stones, pearls are her preferred matters.

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